Ties - Language, Body and Place in the 21st Century

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Pia Quist


University of Copenhagen


DKK 697,000




Monograph Fellowships


The goal of this project is to finalise a monograph with the title "Ties - Language, Body and Place in the 21st Century". Building on more than 10 years of research on different aspects of the relationship between language and place, the monograph will tie together results and theoretical discussions in an overall sociolinguistic theorisation of the consequences of globalisation and mobility for speakers' connections to places.


Language plays a crucial role for people's experiences with and sentiments tied to places. And the other way round, attachment and senses of belonging to places have shown to be important factors in processes of language variation and change. Yet, the ties that speakers create between themselves and places, and the role of language in such processes, are under-theorised. Linking results and insights pertaining to the different aspects of language, body and place, the monograph will fill this under-theorised gap and contribute important new knowledge to fields such as sociolinguistics, dialectology, human geography, cultural and migration studies.


The Semper Ardens fellowship gives me the unique possibility to dedicate a full academic year to this project only. The writing of the book will follow the plan as outlined: The monograph will be structured by the three key-concepts, language, place and body, each forming links to one another. Each link will be examined in separate chapters, ending out in a combined theorisation. Plan: Sep-Nov 2018: Chapter 1+2 (Introduction + Language and place), Dec-Jan 2018/9: Chapter 3 (Body and place), Feb-Apr 2019: Chapter 4 (Language and body), May-Aug 2019: Chapter 5 (Conclusion: A sociolinguistics of language, body and place).

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