Expanding the genetic functionality of the gut microbiome

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Christian Munck


DKK 350,000




Internationalisation Fellowships


In my project, I study the bacteria within the gut microbiome. The gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by trillions of bacteria that play an important role in human health and disease. My aim is to uncover interactions within the gut microbiome and to develop new approaches to directly engineer bacteria in the gut microbiome.


The ability to specifically engineer bacteria within the gut microbiome provides new opportunities to uncover the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease. Ultimately, the technique can be used to engineer healthy microbiomes in both humans and animals.


I will study the bacteria that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, focusing on colonization and interactions between bacterial species. Ultimately, I will seek to modify the bacteria to deliver new genetic capabilities to the gut microbiome.

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