In-depth characterization of Native Membrane Transporters isolated from Endogenous Vira-like Exosomes by combined Electrophysiological and Imaging analysis

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Per Svenningsen


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 245,500




Research Infrastructure


Membrane transporters are critical for most biological processes in that they regulate traffic into and out of cells. Current methods only allow the study of transporters isolated from cultured cells or gene-modified organisms. The lab-produced membrane transporters often lack essential components, and they do not provide an accurate characterization of the native transporter’s activity. Native membrane transporters can be isolated from body fluids such as blood. We will establish a method for sensitive measurement of the isolated native transporters by electrophysiological and imaging techniques. This will provide accurate information on the transporter's activity and significantly increase our understanding of membrane transport processes that underlies biological functions.

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