Rued Langgaard Udgaven - udvalgte værker

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Bendt Viinholt Nielsen


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The Rued Langgaard Edition (Rued Langgaard Udgaven, RLU) was established in 2000 thanks to a grant from The Carlsberg Foundation. The aim of RLU is to publish the Danish composer Rued Langgaard’s (1893-1952) works on a critical scholarly basis and in the form of practical performance-oriented publications. The composer left more than 300 unpublished works, and the present grant will secure that the large editorial and publication project, which has been ongoing for 20 years, can be finished in 2021. Rued Langgaard was largely neglected during his lifetime but is now considered one of the most important Danish composers of the first part of the 20th Century. RLU secures that his works are accessible to musicians, conductors and music scholars worldwide.

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