Plant phylogeny, diversity and biomass in tropical forests, - floristics and ecological characteristics of evergreen forest in Cambodia

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Ida Theilade


University of Copenhagen


DKK 70,000




Research Infrastructure


Collection of biological data is fundamental to improve understanding of how human impacts on biological systems can be recognized, mitigated or averted. However, the role of empirical field research has decreased dramatically. Hence, modelling and use of big data to prioritize conservation efforts lack sound field data. Cambodia is part of the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. Yet, botanical inventories for Cambodia are missing in the global data sets. This project will provide data on ethnobotany, plant diversity and distributional patterns of trees, palms and lianas in Cardamom Mountains. Finally, the forest inventories will increase understanding of the global distribution of forest biomass. Such studies are critical for the political processes on mitigation of climate change.

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