Absolute characterization of macromolecules: size exclusion chromatography

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Alexander Zelikin


Aarhus University


DKK 800,000




Research Infrastructure


Macromolecules are the most important molecules there is. In nature, macromolecules are the foundation of life and as such carry of the overall majority of functions in the body. In science and technology, polymers have become the most widely used components in materials. Biopolymers and synthetic macromolecules are both, fundamentally important and indispensable from the practical standpoint. The most important characterization objective for polymers is to determine the macromolecule molar mass. The main method that provides absolute molar mass characterization for polymers, namely size exclusion chromatography. Aarhus University (Department of Chemistry and iNano Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre) hereby applied for a grant to acquire a new size exclusion chromatography unit.

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