Land of Milk and Butter : How elites created the modern Danish Dairy Industry

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Paul Sharp


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 71,000






The grant is to cover the translation into Danish of my book with Professor Markus Lampe (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business) "Land of Milk and Butter: How elites created the modern Danish Dairy Industry" (2018, University of Chicago Press). Here, we provide a new interpretation of the success of the Danish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century, which is often associated with the rise of the cooperatives in the 1880s. We demonstrate that the historical origins of this go back to the late eighteenth century, and stress the role of enlightened estate owners. They introduced new methods and new ways of thinking about agriculture, laying the basis for the success of the peasant cooperatives a century later. We argue that this has implications for developing countries today.

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