Publication of the acts of the conference From Homer to Hatzi-Yavrouda. Aspects of Oral Narration in the Greek Tradition

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Birgit Olsen


The Danish Institute at Athens


DKK 95,330






The aim of this international conference was was to analyze and discuss various aspects of orally produced and diffused stories in the Greek tradition, from Antiquity up to the modern storytelling communities. Until rather recently, the oral and written traditions have been studied separately, but there is a closer interrelationship between the two than hitherto acknowledged. The orally circulated folk literature is inspired by the written high-culture literature and vice versa. At the conference the Greek tradition was point of departure for the analysis. However its results could easily be applied to other European traditions. Furthermore it is important to society that oral narration is made more widely known alongside with written literature. This publication will contribute to both.

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