Lav-gamma faststof NMR probe til ultra-højfelts NMR spektrometer

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Jørgen Skibsted


Aarhus University


DKK 600,000




Research Infrastructure


The grant will facilite research in inorganic chemistry and materials science by the purchase of a new solid-state NMR probe for the 950 MHz spectrometer at the Danish Center for Ultra-High Field NMR Spectroscopy, iNANO, Aarhus University. The specillay designed probe will be optimized to detection of the so-called low-gamma NMR nuclei (for example 14N, 25Mg, 33S, 39K, 43Ca and 95Mo). The probe will in combination with the ultra-high magnetic field provide sensitity enough to study these NMR nuclei in real materials and thereby open the door for a range of new applications. This includes developments in sustainable cement-based materials with low CO2-footprint, new heterogenenous catalysts for green production of fuels, and materials for separation processes in environmental chemistry.

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