The Small World of Kotor Bay: An archaeological and topographical study

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Athena Trakadas


University of Copenhagen


DKK 44,550




Research Infrastructure


This project investigates the Hellenistic and Roman coastal settlements of Kotor Bay, Montenegro, applying the ’Small World’ spatial model. These late 4th c. BC-late 2nd c. AD sites - potential network nodes - almost certainly formed a maritime and terrestrial micro-region in Antiquity. By studying not only the archaeological sites, but their material culture and the topography of Kotor Bay through a research stay, this project aims 1) to identify past local network types and levels of interaction, and 2) to clarify the factors and forces in their formation. Overall, these findings will help identify regional ‘Small World’ change and continuity during a period where larger, external political, social and cultural influence centres shift from the eastern to the western Mediterranean.

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