The chronology of the Scandinavian ice sheet dynamics using in situ radiocarbon - A modified extraction line

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Jesper Olsen


Aarhus University


DKK 140,000




Research Infrastructure


Our aim is to gain completely new insight into the dynamics and evolution of ice sheets and glaciers. We will do this by establishing accurate chronologies for past ice sheet position and glaciers. To achieve this goal 10Be or 26Al surface exposure dating is commonly used, however, in many cases the surface rocks to be dated shows an inherited 10Be or 26Al signal leaving these samples difficult to use for chronological purposes. The method of in situ produced 14C in surfaces rocks is advantageous because 14C will due to its short half-life show no inheritance. The use of both 10Be and 14C surface exposure dating will allow the detailed timing of retreat of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet be constrained, thus facilitating more precise estimates of the timing of ice volume change.

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