Gentle Giants Part 2 - Using eDNA for marine biodiversity monitoring in West Greenland

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Morten Tange Olsen


University of Copenhagen


DKK 90,000




Research Infrastructure


Environmental DNA (eDNA) has recently emerged as relatively simple, fast, non-invasive and cost-effective tool for biodiversity monitoring. In the Arctic, this could become a key tool in monitoring the response of biodiversity to climate change and human activities. This project will demonstrate the potential of eDNA for monitoring Arctic marine biodiversity. In May 2020, we will collect eDNA water samples in Disko Bay, Greenland, to 1) monitor habitat use and genetic diversity of bowhead whales, 2) provide a snapshot of marine biodiversity and food-web interactions, and 3) create a framework for involving local nature users (hunters, fishermen, recreational boaters, etc.) in eDNA sampling techniques for future community-based biodiversity monitoring and citizen science in the Arctic.

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