China Sounds Abroad: Migration, Motivation and Modernity

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Andreas Steen


Aarhus University


DKK 60,000






The conference aims at a systematic investigation of the sonic dimension of China’s modern history and rising global presence. With its focus on the travel, motivation, reception, and meaning of Chinese sounds abroad (incl. music, noise, speech), it seeks to come to a better understanding of the cross-cultural politics and ethics of music and sonic exchange. The conference is likely to address topics ranging from 19th century world's fairs and their impact on classical music, to Chinese migration, Maoist propaganda, Chinese pop/rock, to recent attempts to increase China’s soft power via global film- and broadcasting strategies. Held at Aarhus University, Oct. 29-31, it is organized in cooperation with Prof. Andrew F. Jones (UC Berkeley) and Prof. Frederick Lau (Chin. Univ. of HKg.)

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