Around Greenland - mobile gas analyzer for measurement of soil CO2 and CH4 fluxes

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Anders Priemé


University of Copenhagen


DKK 250,000




Research Infrastructure


The grant enables me to acquire a mobile instrument for measurement of carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from Greenlandic soils. The GasScouter provides fast and precise measurements under challenging field conditions. Few data exist on CO2 fluxes from the vast expanses of the High Arctic deserts in N Greenland. With the gas analyzer, I will obtain the first gas flux data from numerous sites in N and E Greenland during an expedition in 2021. The precision and robustness of the GasScouter is essential for obtaining these data as well as flux data during the Arctic winter, an understudied but important season. Also, the gas analyzer allows me to test multiple hypotheses on the complex effects of a rapidly warming Greenland on soil gas fluxes, including the effects of soil drying.

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