Broadband THz Laser Spectroscopy of Weakly Bound Cluster Molecules

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René Wugt Larsen


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 1,200,000




Research Infrastructure


In the proposed project, we plan to combine a low-temperature cluster spectroscopy approach based on doped para-H2 quantum crystals with a newly developed commercial broadband THz laser system at DTU Chemistry. The proposed THz cluster spectroscopy facility will enable a plethora of unprecedented experimental investigations of weakly bound model systems of relevance for the energy, materials and life sciences. One of the major challenges for the physical sciences is to explore and accurately model how remarkable properties of macroscopic phenomena known from the energy, materials and life sciences emerge from the interplay of weak non-covalent intermolecular forces i.e. highly directional hydrogen bonding, long-range dispersion forces and short-range steric repulsion between molecules.

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