Socio-economic Effects of Vaccines (SEV) Research Infrastructure

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Peter Sandholt Jensen


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 82,309




Research Infrastructure


The Socio-economic Effects of Vaccines (SEV) Research Infrastructure will collect, digitize, and uncover historical data regarding U.S. vaccine interventions during the mid-20th Century. The goal is to create a database concerning vaccine trials, surveillance of disease and vaccine coverage, and government vaccination programs from archival resources. Vaccine trials, such as the Salk Polio Vaccine Trial of 1954, and government programs, such as the Polio Vaccine Assistance Act of 1955 and Vaccine Assistance Act of 1962, provided idiosyncratic access to vaccines for some populations. The interventions provide potential "natural experiments" through which to study how exposure to vaccines affects socioeconomic outcomes, human capital, and sentiments towards public health interventions.

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