Using biophysical pharmacology to elucidate the conformational dynamics of the human serotonin transporter

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Claus Juul Løland


University of Copenhagen


DKK 378,299




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Every second, billions of processes take place within the human brain, making it one of the most complex biological structures known. A key element is the transport proteins that stop the signal pulse between nerves. Their importance is substantiated by the fact that they are targets for drugs treating common diseases such as depression and anxiety. Despite their central physiological and medical role, very little is known about the very basic principles underlying the transport process: How can these proteins act as molecular vacuum cleaners by 'grabbing' the signaling molecule outside the nerve and 'throwing' it inside? Here, we will use advanced techniques to study their function all the way down to the atomic level, to gain a higher understanding of their role in health and disease.

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