Improving the science quality of the Hertzsprung SONG telescope in the Stellar Observations Network Group

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Hans Kjeldsen


Aarhus University


DKK 1,000,000




Research Infrastructure


After 6 years of successful scientific operation at the Teide Observatory, the Hertzsprung SONG telescope will go through a complete upgrade with the aim of improving the quality of the facility as well as opening up for improved observations. We expect the Hertzsprung SONG telescope to see a huge improvement in the technical performance, operational stability and data quality that is expected to ensure a constant flow of state-of-the-art measurements in the next decade. The upgrade will provide optimal conditions for the combined observations with the new SONG telescopes in Australia. The upgrade will also allow a better implementation of coordinated observations of oscillating stars and exoplanet transits with the TESS space mission observations.

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