Confocal microscope upgrade for live cell imaging

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Rikke Louise Meyer


Aarhus University


DKK 432,898




Research Infrastructure


Every year millions of patients receive life-saving medical implants. But for some patients, this event marks the beginning of a life-threatening infection. Bacteria form biofilms on and near the implant, enabling them to tolerate antibiotics and evade attacks by immune cells. The implant offers a site for the bacteria to attach and form biofilms. But it also triggers immune responses that can be detrimental to fighting infections in the local environment. We will study the 3-way interaction between implants, bacteria, and immune cells in an effort to understand the basic biology that leads to implant-associated infections. The grant from the Carlsberg Foundation will fund an upgrade of our confocal laser scanning microscope to enable live-cell imaging of immune cells and bacteria.

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