Disko Bay LIVE! Acoustic monitoring and outreach of Arctic underwater soundscape

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Grønlands Naturinstitut


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


DKK 499,000




Research Infrastructure


The aim of our project is to install a hydrophone array in Disko Bay, Greenland, for establishing the first permanent Arctic underwater acoustic monitoring station for marine mammals and anthropogenic noise, that will record underwater soundscape 24/7 the whole year round. The data will be used to describe a commencing ecological regime shift and the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on marine mammals in the Arctic. The recordings from this monitoring station will be freely available to the public by visiting the site, streaming via the internet, and through designated platforms in Greenland and Denmark. This will open up a chance to hear the Arctic underwater soundscape live and convey knowledge on Arctic, including effects of climate change, to the public.

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