Rapid local pH- and metabolite signaling: Emerging evidence of key roles in control of cell and organelle function

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Stine Falsig Pedersen


University of Copenhagen


DKK 959,908




Research Infrastructure


The pH - that is, the free proton concentration - of our cells impacts numerous processes that are essential for the normal function of our body. While it is known that each cellular compartment has its own specific pH which is important for its function, little is known about the precise mechanisms controlling this, and how the pH of these compartments changes with the state of the cell. The same is true for other metabolites, such as lactate. The overall goal of this project is to understand the roles of pH and lactate signaling in organelle- and cell function. We will address this through three sub-projects, all of which are dependent on rapid, high resolution real-time fluorescence imaging analysis, made possible by this grant.

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