Building the African biobank: a Noah s Ark of wildlife genetic resources

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Rasmus Heller


University of Copenhagen


DKK 400,000




Field Trips / Research Stays >100,000


Genetic resources are increasingly acknowledged as a crucial component of biodiversity, and genetic data is a crucial part of all biological research. Biological collections from which DNA can be extracted are therefore more important than ever before. I propose to carry out a series of field trips in Uganda, a key biodiversity hotspot in Africa, to expand one of the world's most important and comprehensive mammal biobanks, housed at the University of Copenhagen. We will use these samples to answer questions related to the ecology, biogeography, evolution and conservation of the last intact large-mammal community on Earth. This will furthermore consolidate Denmark's position as world-leading in genetic research on wildlife species, and help train a new generation of African researchers.

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