GPCR pharmacology revealed by single cell quantitative imaging

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Karen Laurence Martinez


University of Copenhagen


DKK 99,995




Research Infrastructure


G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) play an essential role in cell function and are the targets of about 36% of all the drugs in the market. Their activation by various molecules trigger several signals in cells which play a role in cell fate and tissue function. It has been recently shown that some GPCRs can be activated by mechanical stimuli, in the absence of chemical stimuli.


By testing the influence of several kinds of chemical and mechanical stimuli, the study will indicate how a given receptor responds to them depending on the cell and tissue where it is expressed. This information will provide novel insights in cell biology as mechanical stimuli are poorly taken into account in current studies. Furthermore, the technology developed in this project will be suitable to the study of all GPCRs present in the human body.


The study will combine several types of fluorescence microscopies to study the response of individual cells by quantitative fluorescence imaging. This grant will support the purchase of a portable environmental chamber which can be easily moved to the various microscopes used in our studies in order to maintain cells in optimal culture conditions during measurements over time.

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