New fluorescence stereo microscope for zebrafish research

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Louise von Gersdorff Jørgensen


University of Copenhagen


DKK 240,000




Research Infrastructure


"This project aims to better convey the numerous possibilities of the zebrafish model for educational and research purposes at our zebrafish facility. Our research group utilizes zebrafish as a model for vertebrate/human conditions and fish diseases. For example, we study the function of vertebrate genes using the cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas gene editing technology and we house transgenic/GMO zebrafish lines with fluorescently tagged cells, enabling us to track the cells in real-time. With this new fluorescence stereo microscope, we are able to evaluate the transgenic/GMO fish for desired characteristics on site, and e.g. demonstrate how to conduct CRISPR/Cas injections in newly fertilized eggs for educational purposes. The microscope will allow us to cost-effectively expand our research.

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