Uncovering the hidden, augmenting molecular survey methods to detect cryptic diversity in marine high biodiversity ecosystems

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Katrine Worsaae


University of Copenhagen


DKK 285,332




Field Trips / Research Stays >100,000


Development of faster and cheaper sampling methods are necessary for achieving a better understanding of the highly diverse coral reef ecosystems of the Maldives and their rapid degradation in the era of climate changes, as seen during recent mass bleaching events. With this project we aim to test and optimise environmental DNA survey tools, targeting the understudied cryptic coral reef fish and microscopic invertebrates through a combined approach of eDNA and traditional morphological identification and barcoding techniques. Besides documenting this hidden fauna, we plan to investigate the influence of reef health on their diversity and abundance since many of these species may be undescribed and already threatened by extinction, especially those more reliant on the corals to survive.

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