CRISPR dCas13 tools to study circular RNA-protein interactions in living human cells

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Christian Kroun Damgaard


Aarhus University


DKK 353,942




Research Infrastructure


Circular RNAs are ubiquitous cellular molecules, whose functions in humans remain largely unknown. However, the levels of certain circular RNAs correlate with the severity of several disease states, including cancer. The aim of this project is to use a so-called CRISPR/dCas13 system to disclose cellular functions of circular RNAs. Specifically, we will isolate specific circular RNAs and identify their protein interaction partners and carefully study the subcellular localization and dynamics of these by CRISPR/dCas13-assisted real-time imaging in living cells. We expect to develop a new method and disclose hitherto unknown functions of circular RNAs in humans. These efforts will likely help to ultimately advance disease diagnostics and intervention.

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