Andor Kymera spectrometer for studying triboelectric chemistry

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Kai Finster


Aarhus University


DKK 100,500




Research Infrastructure


We study triboelectric discharges as an energy source that drives chemical reactions on planets and moons including Earth. Triboelectric discharges occur when mineral grains (sand) strike each other in dust storms or rub against each other in wind-driven saltation. We have demonstrated that this process removes greenhouse gases from Earth atmosphere and may play a role in controlling methane cycling on Mars. We will use the Andor spectrometer to record the light emitted from the triboelectric discharges during breakdown of the greenhouse gases to identify molecular intermediates and products and to optimize the parameters necessary for fast and efficient gas capture. We also measure the emission spectrum of triboelectric discharges in a Mars-like atmosphere induced by minerals grains.

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