GEMAX: a sediment corer for fully reproducible and interdisciplinary sampling and analyses

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Marit-Solveig L.S. Seidenkrantz


Aarhus University


DKK 230,241




Research Infrastructure


Reproducibility and precise comparisons of different data are important aspects of science. Many Danish scientist in geoscience, bioscience, environmental science, and marine archaeology depend on marine sediment cores for their research but recovering sufficient sediment for full reproducibility is difficult when studying sediments from the seafloor, as instruments lowered to the seafloor will never hit the same spot twice. The purpose of this project is to obtain a Gemini marine sediment coring system that can collect double cores from a range of marine environments, making it possible to carry out full-spectrum multi-proxy analyses of sub-seafloor investigations. The corer will be available to all marine researchers in Denmark.

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