The Henrik Pontoppidan Text Corpora and Database

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Nils Gunder Hansen


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 115,000




Research Infrastructure


The project, a collaboration between the Pontoppidan Centre SDU and the University Library of Southern Denmark, aims to create a full-text bibliographical database containing all works by and about Nobel Laureate Henrik Pontoppidan. This will support the work at the Pontoppidan Centre and in general the work with computational methods in literary studies. What we want to create is a relational database allowing not only cross-referencing with the use of metadata but also examination of patterns in works cited (both primary and secondary literature) and citation network analysis: Are specific works of Pontoppidan more often cited within a specific research area, e.g. philosophy of cognition or Marxist literary analysis? and, if so, is it possible to extract those patterns from citations?

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