Danmarks Datavindue

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Niels Ploug


Statistics Denmark


DKK 10,000,000




Research Infrastructure


Danmarks Datavindue is a one-stop-shop secure research infrastructure that gives fast access to microdata for researchers. Danmarks Datavindue will modernize and expand access to micro data for research cross cutting existing data suppliers and infrastructure providers and ensure the Danish lead in the area of micro data for research. The grant from the Carlsberg Foundation will enable a unique meta data driven data infrastructure system by which researchers will be able to make on-line data demands and create turn-key data sets fast and flexible based on a well documented on-line meta data catalogue. The hugely expanded data infrastructure will be supported by an upgraded and digitalized version of the existing access system for researchers supplemented with access to HPC facilities.


Danmarks Datavindue will support scientific research based on the analysis of micro data by giving access faster to a more comprehensive and well documented collection of data than is the case today. In a world where the digitalization of basically most of human action (economically, social and in relation to the labor market and health care) is a core element of recent developments - it is important to facilitate the use of all data also for the common good. Research is for the common good - and Danmarks Datavindue will make a major contribution to researchers abilities to use data from the digitalized world for analysis. In order to understand and use data there is a huge need for standardized documentation of data - i.e. metadata. Danmarks Datavindue will provide this.


Danmarks Datavindue will be available in a version where there is a major update of functionalities of existing systems micro data access in the spring 2022. Based on this version the expansion of data documentation - meta data - will be executed during 2022 and 2023 based on international standards for data documentation and in close collaboration with users of meta data - i.e. the researchers. A collaboration on data documentation already exists between Danmarks Datavindue (Statistics Denmark) and the research community. This will be expanded and a crucial for the establishment of the meta data needed for the functioning of Danmarks Datavindue

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