Targeting Solute Carriers using Recombinant Antibodies.

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Peter Kristensen


Aalborg University


DKK 1,585,500




Research Infrastructure


Membrane proteins play an essential role in translating extracellular cues into intracellular responses, a feature making them attractive drug targets. Thus, it is not surprising that while membrane proteins make up around 30% of human genes, they account for over 60% of all drug targets. The solute carrier (SLC) superfamily constitutes the largest group of membrane proteins, transporting a vast array of important molecules across membranes. This superfamily of membrane proteins include more than 450 proteins. Despite being attractive and druggable targets, the SLCs, for a major part, remains understudied. Availability of reliable and validated tools to study the distribution, function and behavior remain a major bottleneck. In the current project we select recombinant antibodies for SLCs.

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