Building understanding of Greenland ice sheet change through Marine Limit and Relative Sea-Level databases

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Kristian K. Kjeldsen


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland GEUS


DKK 1,681,140




Research Infrastructure


"This project aims to develop two databases on Marine Limits and Relative Sea-Level in Greenland. As mass loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet continues to accelerate and geophysical models are becoming increasingly sophisticated, there is an increasing demand for information of past sea level fluctuation in Greenland to tune and validate models to increase confidence in their modeled output. Currently, research groups have to compile information themselves with a direct consequence of overlooking or mis-intepretating important information. For this project we have assemble a group of world-experts on Greenland sea-level to build two databases of the highest possible standard and incorporate early work in grey literature and unpublished data."

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