Basic studies of hepatitis C virus particles: Influence of modifications of the envelope glycoproteins altering neutralizing epitope exposure on immunogenicity

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Judith Gottwein


Copenhagen University Hospital, Amager and Hvidovre


DKK 840,077




Research Infrastructure


Chronic hepatitis C virus infection can cause severe liver diseases including liver cancer. Worldwide, an estimated 70 million chronic infections ultimately result in approximately 400,000 deaths per year. The aim of this project is to generate basic knowledge on the hepatitis C virus envelope glycoproteins, the main targets of the host neutralizing antibody immune response. Specifically, we will study the influence of exposure of conserved neutralizing epitopes on immunogenicity. This knowledge will help to better understand the interaction of viruses with neutralizing antibodies and will inform development of an urgently needed hepatitis C virus vaccine. Further, it might inform development of other antiviral vaccines.

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