Reactive Ion Etching of Nanodevices for Quantum Optics and Electronics

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Albert Schliesser


University of Copenhagen


DKK 3,407,000




Research Infrastructure


At the Niels Bohr Institute, a dozen faculty work at today's frontiers of quantum physics, and transform their insights into quantum technologies which stand to revolutionize how we gather, process and communicate information. These advances are based on devices that store and process quantum information. Crafting such devices is a delicate art, and requires structuring materials at the nanometer level. In this project, we will commission a reactive ion etching tool, which can transfer nanoscale patterns from a lithographic mask to key materials such as silicon and silicon nitride. The resulting boost in fabrication capabilities will allow advancing numerous research avenues in fields as diverse as quantum optomechanics, atomic physics and superconducting qubits.

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