Jellyfish acclimation and production using Flow2Vortex prototype cage to ensure a continued biomass delivery and mucus production

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Jamileh Javidpour


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 87,950




Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


Validateion of an innovative cage to cultivate planktonic organisms, especially jellyfish.


There is no effective aquaculture on plankton (as life food for fish aquaculture).Besides China, there is no country that invest in jellyfish biomass, although there is an already established market for this type of biomass. In GoJelly project, we provided a range of products based on jellyfish biomass, but the supply chain is lacking. The Flow2Vortex will provide a sustainable, but very cheap solution to the lacking supply chain in Europe.


We will run validation tests on Madeira, by using the Flow2Vortex prototype I. We will study the cage physical propertise (available current to keep jellyfish moving) as well as efficiency in trapping food for free (available food from the surrounding).

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