Artificial intelligence as a citizen monitoring tool: A Danish-Dutch legal analysis of the AIA (AICompare)

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Hanne Marie Motzfeldt


Associate Professor


University of Copenhagen


DKK 76,000




Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


In spring 2021, The EU-Commission put forward a proposal for an EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). The AIA is to enter into force in 2023. As regard to public authorities’ use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to detect and prevent fraud, corruption, money laundering and related areas of organized economic crimes, the AIA will have a similar impact on the legal requirements as the GDPR had in 2018. The aim of AICompare is to address the built-in uncertainty in the AIA and clarify the content of the AIA before it enters into force. AICompare will thus enable public authorities to comply with the AIA and avoid fines.

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