Autonomous Weapons and Meaningful Human Control: Legal Implications for Modern Conflicts

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Lena Trabucco


Postdoctoral Fellow


DKK 850,000




Internationalisation Fellowships


This project examines the international legal implications of meaningful human control of autonomous weapon systems. As the reality of autonomous weapon systems quickly comes into focus, this project looks to the legal uncertainties of meaningful human control over this new generation of weapons.


Few emerging technologies have captured public attention like autonomous weapons as popular portrayals include advanced and sentient robots. But modern military technology is quickly incorporating autonomous functions, and it is vital that researchers explore the legal elements to these novel weapon systems to ensure responsible and lawful development and implementation.


This project examines the legal implications of meaningful human control at three stages of a weapon systems life cycle -- design/development, operational, and tactical stages -- to offer policymakers and researchers insight into putting meaningful human control into practice.

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