Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Fusion Splicer: A Key Tool for Continuous-Variable Quantum Technology based on Light

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Tobias Gehring


Associate Professor


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 375,825




Research Infrastructure


Quantum technology promises faster computation, more secure communication and more sensitive measurements. This so-called quantum advantage can among others be achieved using squeezed light as a resource. Squeezed light is light with less (phase or amplitude) noise than the light emitted by the best laser that can ever be built. To achieve quantum advantage in computation, secure communication and sensitive measurements fiber optic networks have to be build with the lowest amount of optical loss possible because squeezed light degrades with optical loss. A polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicer can achieve this by carefully aligning fibers and welding (splicing) them together. The infrastructure will therefore enable breakthrough experiments eventually to the benefit of society.

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