SADC at war - Fighting Radical Islamist Insurgencies in Northern Mozambique and DR Congo

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Thomas Mandrup


Associate Professor


Royal Danish Defence College and Stellenbosch University


DKK 100,000




Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


At a time when the international system is changing, and war can once again be found in Europe, the small wars and wars against terrorism and radical insurgent groups are growing in influence and geographical spread in the margins of Europe. Islamic State and al-Qaeda are active in the Sahel and expanding their influence and control; Islamist insurgents in Central and South-Eastern Africa have sprung up and constitute a direct threat to peace and stability in these regions. Local, regional and even continental responses are more needed than ever since other wars have taken the focus away from these conflicts. This project looks at what has been done by SADC, what works and what can be learned for future African-led military operations.

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