Healthcare Professionals’ Experiences with Patient Participation in a Mental Healthcare Centre: A Qualitative Study

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Kim Jørgensen


Assistant Professor


Roskilde University


DKK 13,779






This study aimed to explore healthcare professionals' perceptions of patient participation in mental healthcare centers, specifically in psychiatry. Focus group interviews were conducted, and a social constructivism approach was applied to analyze the data. The study found that patient participation is not a free choice, but it is governed by structural and professional conditions. Two themes and four sub-themes emerged: 'patient participation is not a free choice' with subthemes 'patients are included' and 'patient participation is carried out based on structural methods and professional expectations,' and 'patient participation is a very unclear concept' with subthemes 'patient participation is an individual thing' and 'nonparticipation.' The study concluded that healthcare professionals need a clear understanding of what patient participation entails and how they can facilitate it. Patient participation should be a collaborative effort between healthcare professionals and patients, and healthcare professionals should strive to incorporate patients' perspectives and preferences in treatment decisions. The study's findings can contribute to developing policies and guidelines that promote patient participation in psychiatry, improve patient care, and promote better outcomes for patients with mental health disorders.

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