Human-AI Collaboration: The Changing Nature of Academic Work

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Liana Razmerita


Associate Professor


Copenhagen Business School


DKK 75,300




Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


The overarching goal of this research is to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which AI is enacted in practice in academic organizations. The project focuses on the changing nature of academic knowledge work due to the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) (e.g. chatGPT). I aim to investigate how AI is changing universities practices and how faculty and students adapt to the new digital world increasingly “dominated” by AI. Particularly, the project endeavors to address the following overall research question: How is AI enacted in management education and how does collaboration with AI affect knowledge work at university? I aim to integrate the insights gained during this research stay into both publications, teaching and dissemination at different international events (e.g. the Changing Nature of Work workshop and teaching panel which I co-chair and plan to organize again in December 2023 as a pre ICIS conference event at Hyderabad in India, a professional development workshop at Academy of Management 2024 and 2025).

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