Danish Reproducibility Network

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Marta Topor


Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Copenhagen


DKK 24,500






One very important debate that spans all disciplines is the matter of openness and reproducibility in research. Openness refers to accessing not only the results but all stages of the research process - from conceptualisation, through the analysis to the outcomes and implications. Reproducibility refers to the reproduction or replication of results and effects that have already been published. Researchers agree that one way to improve the speed of knowledge generation and the impact of new findings is by improving research practices that ensure openness and reproducibility. This will also help to improve the research culture - science will move away from being competitive to become more collaborative and shared. In the spirit of this global movement, the current project aims to bring Denmark-based research professionals to participate in the launch event of the newly founded nation-wide Danish Reproducibility Network. Participants will hear from renowned international speakers about their experiences with the reproducibility movement and the benefits and opportunities they bring for improving science. We will discuss our current efforts and structures facilitating openness and reproducibility as well as plans for future developments on institutional and nation-wide levels.

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