Eating up the crisis: Cultural change seen through the lens of food (CrisisCultureFood)

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Kia Ditlevsen


Associate Professor


University of Copenhagen


DKK 3,352,948




Semper Ardens: Accelerate


This research project explores developments and changes in the Danish food culture in the light of the ongoing climate crisis and global inflation crisis, and establish a qualitative panel to be followed over time. With qualitative in-depth interviews, it will explore potential transitions in food practices as well as in concerns and values expressed through consumption.


Food consumption lies at the junction of societal and cultural change. It is a site where macro-level changes and societal agendas interacts with norms, cultures, social differences, and individual preferences and the sociality of everyday life. Changes in food cultures offer a lens to make visible how wider societal changes and agendas impact individual people's lives.


With a qualitative, prospective panel design, this project will investigate transitions in people's food culture and food practices as the processes unfold. The analytical perspective is both cross-sectional to identify social differences, and longitudinal to identify changes over time. 60 adult Danes will be included in the panel and interviewed about food practices and food consumption.

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