Beyond the Paycheck: Insights into the effect of Unemployment, Organisational Change, and Job Security on Mental Health

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Seetha Menon


Associate Professor


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 4,566,000




Semper Ardens: Accelerate


We will investigate how employment conditions, such as unemployment, organisational change, and job security, influence mental health by assessing the causal impact of specific Danish legislations; the Arbejdsløshedsforsikringsloven and the Universitetsloven which have, to date not been evaluated. We will also use predictive models to predict industry-specific occupational employee mental health.


Every third individual in Denmark faces psychological challenges, making it vital to understand employment's role in mental health. The last comprehensive evaluation of occupational risk on mental health in Denmark was in 2005, and most studies rely on self-reported data, which can be biased. Our findings will assist organisations to pinpoint jobs more susceptible to early departure and burnout


We will leverage matched employer-employee longitudinal Danish registry data, linked with extensive text analysis of various external data sources. We will use predictive models driven by machine learning to predict industry-specific occupational mental health and use causal -inference techniques to assess the causal impact of the two legislations.

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