Enhancing Interdisciplinarity in Consciousness Research

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Mette Leonard Høeg


Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Oxford


DKK 1,190,300




Reintegration Fellowships


Traditionally considered an unresolvable problem and mystery, consciousness is today becoming increasingly scientifically explainable and technologically accessible. This interdisciplinary project explores the philosophical, psychological and socio-cultural implications of recent advances in neuroscience and -technology and looks at both the exciting opportunities and existential risks that follow.


An adequate response to the recent advances in neuroscience and neurotechnology requires that the sciences and humanities engage proactively and collaboratively in the handling of the ethical and existential questions, challenges, opportunities and risks. The aim of the project is to develop consciousness research as an interdisciplinary field to strengthen these ethical and existential dimensions.


The project applies an innovative cross-disciplinary approach, bringing debates on consciousness and human experience in traditionally separated areas into a new and productive dialogue. It will harness the rich resources from Western and Eastern philosophy and the existential and humanist perspectives from art and social sciences while also building on modern neuroscience and empirical data.

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