Vibrant Energy: On the Entanglements of Nuclear Power and Gender Identities (VIBE)

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Anne-Sofie Dichman




École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris


DKK 1,000,000




Internationalisation Fellowships


We live in a time of war and climate crises, which makes green energy politics, and especially nuclear power, become increasingly important and popular. However numerous feminist movements continue to fight against nuclear power. In this project, I examine how conceptions of nuclear power and gender, articulated by such social movements, may empower a more socially inclusive green energy politics.


Global warming and gendered inequality pose two major challenges today, and it is thus urgent to develop a green energy politics that aims to be socially inclusive. In terms of nuclear power, we must then seek to include (into our political thinking) the lived experiences of feminist social movements that fight against atomic energy in order to make the green transition as democratic as possible.


By conducting immersive fieldwork with activists from the feminist social movement "Les Bombes Atomiques" in France - the most influential nuclear power country in the EU - I bridge the worlds of ethnography and political theory. This enables me to generate pluralistic knowledge about how we may reconfigure social hierarchies and green transition governance in more democratic and sustainable ways.

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