Greening Through Trade: Exploring Trade Partners' Perceptions and Perspectives on EU Unilateral Trade-Climate Policies

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Caroline Bertram




University of Cambridge


DKK 1,000,000




Internationalisation Fellowships


In the face of the looming global climate and biodiversity crises, the European Union (EU) has launched an avalanche of unilateral trade policies in recent years, all under the banner of sustainability. These include import bans on goods linked to forced labour and deforestation and the introduction of a tariff on carbon-intensive imports into the EU.


A significant gap persists in our knowledge of how countries, especially in the Global South, perceive these policies and their resulting implications. This project endeavours to fill this void, examining how trade partners perceive EU unilateral trade-climate policies, and whether these policies co-exist, compete, or potentially clash with the norms, priorities and policies of these countries.


The project will rely on a case study methodology and through the means of policy mapping, semi-structured interviews, and content analysis, seek to illuminate the viewpoint of a selected number of trade partners in the Global South. The project is expected to result in several conference papers, public presentations, and three peer-reviewed articles in international journals.

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