Gods, Heroes, and Pixels: Re-Examining the Sculptures from the Heroon of Kalydon

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Troels Myrup Kristensen


Aarhus University


DKK 188,911




Research Infrastructure


In 1926, the Danish-Greek excavations at Kalydon (Greece) unearthed an exceptional cache of marble sculptures in a multi-purpose complex known as the Heroon ("hero shrine"). This project develops new research infrastructure that will contribute to the preservation, interpretation and publication of this important archaeological assemblage of ancient Greek sculpture. Placing the sculptures in a modern interpretive framework will allow us to study social and religious life and focus on aspects, such as sculptural recycling and labour organization in the ancient world. The 2022 season will complete a full 3D-scanning of the sculptures from the Heroon of Kalydon and an architectural survey and mapping of the building to which they belonged with a high-accuracy terrestrial 3D laser scanner.

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